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Joy FM Confesses On Dr. Opoku Prempeh’s Prowess

Multimedia’s Joy FM has in a small way confessed on the energy minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, and ended up praising him for his hard work.

Evans Mensah, a respected presenter, in an analysis, “Unveiling Our Ministerial Reshuffle: Who is in and Who is out,” aired on the station last week, confessed that they had the impression that it was Dr. Prempeh’s deputy who was doing the real work for him when he was the Minister of Education.

“But of course, and I am willing to say I was wrong, the evidence of what he has been able to do at the energy ministry, he is close to a miracle,’’ Evans Mensah said.

According to the Joy FM presenter, erratic power situation (Dumsor) has always been the symptom of economic crisis, like what is being witnessed today, but Dr. Prempeh’s ministry has been able to keep the lights on.

“The deepest economic crisis since the ’80s, but the lights are on….’’ he said.

Evans Mensah said: “In the whole Cabinet, Dr. Prempeh must be applauded the most because of what he has been able to do.’’

When his co-presenter wanted to take the glory he offered to Dr. Prempeh away by saying that the credit should go to the finance ministry for providing money, he disagreed, saying “Dr. Prempeh would have been blamed if lights were off. The energy sector is not turbulent.’’

Dr. Prempeh made a huge difference during his term as the education minister, as the government’s flagship programme, Free Senior High School (Free SHS), was rolled out under his watch.

As the minister, he steered affairs to perfection, as most of the problems that arose from the introduction of the programme were confronted head on by the minister and his team.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Prempeh is credited as the only education minister whose tenure did not experience industrial actions by teachers and other educational workers.

In 2021, when Dr. Prempeh was made the energy minister, he started on a high note and brought all the agencies under the ministry together to fashion out how best the energy sector would flourish.

Just as he did at the education ministry, he and his team are confronting the energy sector problems with seriousness, and that has helped in ensuring that the power situation is stable.

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