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Keta Assembly Begs For Help To Save Pregnant Women

The hope of pregnant women in-labour and often terminally-sick persons from Lawoshime and Mamime, a farming-cum-fishing community under Keta Municipality to get access to healthcare and have some relief for their problems, is far from over.

This is because, authorities at Keta Municipal Assembly have told The Anchor that although the Assembly is aware of the plights of the residents, it lacks the wherewithal and logistics to solve the litany of problems, anytime soon.

The Keta Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Emmanuel Gemegah, expressed worry about the situation. He bemoaned the budget for the assembly, which he described as “too small” that rendered the Assembly helpless to tackle the serious health challenges facing the residents.

Mr. Gemegah, therefore, calls on non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the donor community as well as kind-hearted philanthropists to come to the aid of the Assembly, in that regard.

Gemegah disclosed that the Assembly could arrange a total of Gh₵300,000 to help construct two bridges along the stretch, to make the movement of the people seeking access to healthcare at nearby communities easy; but realized the amount wasn’t sufficient to execute the project.

“It’s a problem, we thought we could solve it, but our budget is peanut. We arrange budget line of Gh₵300,000 for two bridges from our Common Fund. So, I’ve asked my head of works department of the assembly to look for a financier donor”, the MCE told The Anchor in a telephone interview.

Earlier, the MCE expressed worry about the wooden foot bridge, which he described as dangerous, adding that, the problem could only be solved if the bridge has been properly reconstructed to pave way for the construction of the main road.

Mr Gemegah pledged to make sure that the bridges are constructed soon, to help the residents have some relief and peace of mind, especially, women in-labour’s pains.

“I have plans to hopefully make sure that works start soon on the construction of the concrete bridge in these farming and fishing communities “Mr Gemegah said.

The MCE noted that the poor road network is obstructing economic activities in these communities because the residents are having difficulty transporting their farm produce to markets.

It will be recalled that The Anchor weeks ago, reported how pregnant women in-labour, as well as, sick persons who find themselves in critical condition at Lawoshime and Mamime, a farming-cum-fishing community under Keta Municipality are losing their lives, as result of lack of access to healthcare facility.

More frustrating is the situation, that no vehicles ply the communities, due to poor nature of the road connecting them; leaving residents with no other choice than to carry their sick relatives on heads and shoulders and trek miles in search of medical attention, by which time the worst happened.

That is not all; cadavers are also conveyed the same way to and from the morgues for preservation and burial.

The Anchor has gathered that, the distance between the distressed communities and the nearest healthcare center at Hatorgodo, is some five miles away. Residents’ additional nightmare has been the crossing of a dilapidated wooden foot-bridge to the Hartorgodo Health Centre or Sacred Hearts Hospital as far as Abor, near Akatsi, for the necessary Medicare.

Residents disclosed that, in several instances their sick kins end up losing their lives on the way, due to the long distant journey to these facilities.

The Anchor on its visit to the communities, witnessed a pregnant woman, in-labour being carried in a wooden structure by four men to the nearest health centre at, Hatorgodo. The frustration prevented them from talking to the paper, as they writhe in pain amid tears.

Incredibly, a pregnant woman said to be expecting her third child had just walked the long miles from the health centre back to the village at Mamime.

Madam Atsufi, as she is called, narrated her ordeal trying to seek health care in her previous pregnancies and hopes government would listen to their plight to do something urgent about their situation.

“You see, this is my third pregnancy and I can remember the pains of the last two pregnancies; it’s like we don’t matter to any government even though we are also Ghanaians; and so we need government to help us” Madam Atsufi pleaded.

They want government to, as a matter of urgency, reconnect the communities with road and concrete bridge over the Ladzorbui River, as the current wooden bridge has become a death trap.

Meanwhile, The Anchor has also observed that aside the poor road network, there is no electricity in the community, making it very difficult for teachers to accept postings to that place. The only basic school in the community, is also in bad state.

The situation, according to the residents, has been with them for decades with politicians coming every four years to campaign for votes but continue to fail them.

Source: The Anchor 

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