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…Secret Recordings, Names Drop; As Fear Grips Tarkwa-Nsuaem

A popular small scale mining kingpin in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem enclave, Nana Amponsah, alias ‘Okobeng’ has been arrested by the Police in the Western Region, for alleged contract killing plot.

Revealing secret recordings of his plots to kill key small-scale miners in the area, have also been intercepted by The Anchor.

The arrest of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Okobeng Mining Company, with other concessions in other mining regions, follows the leakage of the secret recordings between him and a suspected contract-killer he contracted to kill the two miners.

Luck, however, eluded the two when their conversations got leaked, leading to the arrest of Okobeng Mining CEO.

He was arraigned before the Takoradi Circuit Court “A” on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The businessman, who appeared in court in a sober mood, was granted bail by the court and will reappear on February 10, 2022.

His lawyers, led by Ebo Donkor pleaded for more time saying his client was unwell and that they have just received copies of the audio recordings and are going to listen to them.

According to accounts, Nana Amposnah had planned to eliminate the two miners, Adjei Ben and Emma because they posed as stumbling block to his mining business in that area.

Okobeng Mining CEO, The Anchor gathered, is the husband of Joy Jocelyn Andoh, the Independent Parliamentary candidate for the Tarkwa-Nsuaem constituency, in the 2020 general election.

Nana Amponsah, alias Okobeng who is also alleged to be the baby-daddy of Kumawood actress, Vivian Jill Lawrence’s little son, is competing with the two over a mining concession.

There are conflicting reports, on how the businessman, very popular in both Western and Ashanti Regions, was apprehended.

While some accounts say, he was arrested by the Police, others say he turned himself in to the Police on Sunday, following which he was charged.

He is alleged to have gotten hint of the leakage of the audio recordings and gathered they were in the possession of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare and other top security officers.

Other accounts say, one of the assassination victims by name Emma, had lodged a complaint with the tape to the Police.

A couple of the audio recordings intercepted by The Anchor captures two men discussing how the two, especially, Emma, would be killed to put fear in the rest of the people invading the concession site.

Per the tapes, Nana and his assassins had planned on the day the killing should take place, but delayed; leaving one of the voice on the tape recordings believed to be that of Nana, being peeved.

In one of the voices, one man who sounded as the contract killer, explained they were set to carry out their hatchet job a day before, but met the absence of the victims, which delayed their side of the bargain.

“Please are you back? The car I saw I thought it was his car, not knowing it wasn’t him. Adjei Ben’s car is red but the car I saw was a land cruiser and silver colour but it was not Emma. It is Adjei Ben, we are monitoring now, the unidentified voice said.

In another recording, the alleged contract killer was heard asking Nana if he could come home for the “machine” which was later found to be a gun.

The voice then told Nana, “If we can do the two today, unless you add one more gun”.

“I have some of the guns with me but I have nothing. I will go and purchase bullets in the evening so that I can give you the other one. One 9MM has been brought. I had wanted to purchase two, but they just brought one”, Nana said.

According to the voice, the gun in their possession was not good enough for the task.

The caller then informed Nana that they have recruited another assassin who is very daring, determined and ready to even enter the bedroom of their victims to just go and kill.

“We have gotten another person even if you ask him to enter into the bedroom of the victim, he will. He is a senior man, so when we get the machine, by tomorrow, you will hear ‘good news’.

Right now I have spotted Emma and the one with deformed ear, Adjei Ben, at their party office so we are lurking around; so today you get result. If we get the two, hope it will be fine”, he asked; to which Nana responded “Yes”.

The two were heard engaging in a similar chat where Nana complained about the dragging of feet and inquired from the unidentified voice, “So where are your people”?

He then said, “They are here. When I finished talking to you yesterday, I had a call from my old man friend, who said he suspects I want to do something, so he guided me, so this morning I have done all that he told me”.

The same voice continued; “I did not know whether to go ahead or discard it because of the way you reacted to my phone call yesterday”. Nana then asked “Stop what? I have given you a job to do, but you keep giving excuses.

“Today, if you don’t hear anything from me, do whatever you want to me. So today, Adjei Ben, we shall deal with him”, the other voice added.

Nana then said, “Because Adjei Ben and Emma, those two if even one is killed, the rest will be steady. Even if the two are eliminated, the rest will not even attempt to go into the mining sites. They will come to terms with the fact that there is danger somewhere.

Yesterday, I heard he went to site. They had a meeting that they will frustrate me till I become helpless…….Monitor that Emma to find out wherever he is”.

In another chat, Nana as the caller kept referring to him, said he was stuck somewhere because his vehicle had developed a fault.

The yet-to-be identified assassin then requested to know his location, so they come for him with their vehicle, but he rejected the officer, saying “I will arrive soon”.

The unidentified man then asked; “Hope we can have the machine today”, which he responded in the affirmative.

It is, however, not clear if the suspected assassin has also been arrested by the police yet.

But The Anchor, is keenly following the developments on the matter, which would be published in our subsequent editions.

More To Come…


Source: The Anchor Newspaper 

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