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Ho murder: Victim and suspect were both workers of Kekeli hotel

Residents of Ho-Fiave, a suburb of the Volta regional capital, Ho were thrown into a shocking state on Monday, following the discovery of the body of a lady only known as Lizzy, in a double-decker refrigerator in a rented room of the boyfriend, who is currently on the run.

The suspect, only known as Frank, is believed to have killed the girlfriend and dumped the body in the refrigerator

A strong stench emanating from Frank’s room on Monday, forced neighbours to force the door open only to find the fast decomposing body of the fair-complexion lady.

No further details were readily available on Monday but police investigations have revealed that the couple were both workers of Kekeli hotel in Ho.

There were reports also that either the suspect or victim is a Nigerian but that is yet to be confirmed by the investigators.

Pictures of the victim and the suspect have since been uncovered as the police in the region hunt for the suspect.

A neighbour told Starr News that, “I know them very well. They buy from my shop almost every time and never seemed as though they had any issues. I’m in a shock over the incident and can not really tell why Frank could kill the girlfriend.”



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